Devil May Cry – Awesome?

Devil May Cry is a game that received a lot of hate when it first came out.  This is a real reboot.  This is not just a remake or a remaster or any of those other terms that you hear thrown around all of the time nowadays.  They took the entire look and feel of the old Devil May Cry’s, threw in an entirely new feel, characters, and games.

However, the game still has all of the awesome things that I loved in the original series.  The humor is there and the great storyline that will put you straight into the game.  That is really what put me into this series from the beginning.  I loved the story, cut scenes and attitude for these games.

The combat is also on par with the with the old games.  Things are fast, fun and full of variety.  Tons of weapons to choose from and they all play differently.



Die-hard fans of DMC may hate this game, but there are good reasons. While Capcom didn’t need to put a Western touch on DmC to increase popularity and revenue it’s still got good music, good combat, and an interesting story that, like the main character, matures as you progress. Were this not a DMC title, I believe it wouldn’t have recieved such a backlash by fans of the series as it did and would have been more successful. I blame Capcom more than I blame Ninja Theory for that decision, they did what they were contracted to do by Capcom and that was to remake nearly the whole thing and were not allowed to take much from the previous titles.


Forget the hate tgat people have towards the new Dante. I liked this character and i loved this game. I owned it on 360 and bought the Definitive Edition because I love the game that much. It handles better than the original DMC games and the hardcore music that plays during fights really gets there blood pumping to create some great combos. Give this game the credit it’s due. BUY THIS GAME…NOW

Titanfall 2 – Awesome Shooter

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Titanfall 2 comes back onto the scene in the middle of a huge number of other shooters.  Battlefield 1, Overwatch, and CoD are still all fresh in their releases.  Titanfall however does a great job in separating itself with some awesome and unique gameplay.  The movement is what strikes me as the most unique.  Running fast and bouncing off of walls is commonplace and is what really makes this one of the most awesome games of the year.  If you are keen on camping a single location this might not be as good for you.  If you are master of escape, disappearing just long enough to come back and avenge your would be attacker, this will be great.


Metcritic Score: 89


This game becomes boring very quickly. After playing it for 2 hrs after I bought it I was scratching my head wondering if this was all? I like multiplayer games and pilot v pilot matches are not fun at all, the mechanics of the game are clearly not meant for this. As for modes like amped hardpoint it just seems like whoever gets the early lead gets their titans in first and will usually win the game. Every match plays out like the rest and this game doesn’t stack up to competitive shooter masterpieces like Halo 5 or Gears 4. Graphics are great I guess buy this game if you love graphics and aren’t good at standard shooters because it is a lot different and feels less competitive


Terrific (albeit short) single player campaign that felt fun and fresh, setting itself apart from most FPS’s today. I can’t stop playing the multiplayer and each mode has its own merits. My favorite is probably Last Titan Standing, because you get to see what sets each titan apart and feel out their strengths and weaknesses. This game has a lot more counterplay than the first and you need to make more decisions than charging forward. Did I mention free post-launch content that isn’t just cosmetic? This game is definitely worth the purchase, and it’s a shame it fell under the radar from BF1 and CoD:IW.